Symbols codes (html)

Char Unicode Escape
& U+0026 \u0026 & & ampersand
U+2022 \u2022 • • bullet
U+25E6 \u25E6 ◦   white bullet
U+2219 \u2219 ∙   bullet operator
U+2023 \u2023 ‣   triangular bullet
U+2043 \u2043 ⁃   hyphen bullet
° U+00B0 \u00B0 ° ° degree
U+221E \u221E ∞ ∞ infinity


HTML Named Special Symbols


Characters with Special Meaning in HTML

< &lt; less than
> &gt; greater than
& &amp; ampersand
" &quot; quotation mark



  &nbsp; non-breaking space: ' '
&emsp; em space: ' '
&ensp; en space: ' '
&thinsp; thin space: ' '
&mdash; em dash
&ndash; en dash
&minus; minus
- - hyphen
&oline; overbar space


Interesting Characters and Symbols

¢ &cent; cent
£ &pound; pound
&euro; euro
§ &sect; section
&dagger; dagger
&Dagger; double dagger
&lsquo; left single quotes
&rsquo; right single quotes
' ' single quotes
&#x263a; smiley face
&#x2605; black star,   ★
&#x2606; white star
&#x2610; check box
· &middot; middle dot
&bull; bullet
© &copy; copyright
® &reg; registered
&trade; trade
¿ &iquest; inverted question mark
¡ &iexcl; inverted exclamation mark
Å &Aring; Angström
&hellip; ellipsis
&#x2295; earth
&#x2299; sun
&#x2640; female
&#x2642; male


Foreign Characters

æ &aelig; ligature ae
ç &ccedil; c with cedilla
ñ &ntilde; tilde n
â &acirc; a with circumflex
á &aacute; a with acute
à &agrave; a with grave
ø &oslash; o slash
ö &ouml; umlat o
Ç &Ccedil; C with cedilla
Ñ &Ntilde; tilde N
 &Acirc; A with circumflex
Á &Aacute; A with acute
À &Agrave; A with grave
Ø &Oslash; O slash

Card Suits

&clubs; clubs or shamrock 
&spades; spades
&hearts; hearts or valentine 
&diams; diamonds 
&loz; diamond


Mathematical Symbols

< &lt; less than
&le; less than or equal to
> &gt; greater than
&ge; greater than or equal to
&ne; not equal
= = equal to
&asymp; approximately equal to
&equiv; identically equal to
&cong; congruent to
&prop; proportional
&there4; therefore
&sum; summation
&prod; product
&prime; prime or minutes
&Prime; double prime or seconds
Δ &Delta; delta
&nabla; del
&part; partial
&int; integral
· &middot; middle dot
&sdot; dot operator
&bull; bullet
&minus; minus sign
× &times; multipllcation sign
÷ &divide; division sign
&frasl; fraction slash, (ordinary / \)
± &plusmn; plus or minus
° &deg; degree sign
&lfloor; floor function
&rfloor; floor function
&lceil; ceiling function
&rceil; ceiling function
&lowast; asterisk operator, (ordinary *)
&oplus; circled plus
&otimes; circled times
º &ordm; masculine ordinal
&lang; bra
&rang; ket


 º <sub>&ordm;</sub> composition
X   <span style='text-decoration:overline'>X</span>   over bar


&infin; infinity
π &pi; pi
½ &frac12; half
&alefsym; aleph
&radic; radical
&ang; angle
&perp; perpendicular
&real; real


&isin; is an element of
&notin; not an element of
&empty; null set
&sub; subset of
&sube; subset or or equal to
&nsub; not a subset
&cap; intersection
&cup; union
&sim; tilde operator (ordinary ~)
| | vertical bar
Ø &Oslash; slash O


&and; logical and
Λ &Lambda; lambda (and)
&or; logical or
V V vee (or)
¬ &not; not sign
&sim; tilde operator (ordinary ~)
&rarr; right arrow
&rArr; double right arrow
&larr; left arrow
&lArr; left double arrow
&harr; left right arrow
&hArr; left right double arrow


&darr; down arrow
&dArr; down double arrow  *
&uarr; up arrow
&uArr; up double arrow  *
&crarr; carriage return arrow
    *  may be undefined with sans-serif font-family
&rarr; right arrow
&rArr; double right arrow
&larr; left arrow
&lArr; left double arrow
&harr; left right arrow
&hArr; left right double arrow


Greek Alphabet

α &alpha; Α &Alpha; alpha
β &beta; Β &Beta; beta
γ &gamma; Γ &Gamma; gamma
δ &delta; Δ &Delta; delta
ε &epsilon; Ε &Epsilon; epsilon
ζ &zeta; Ζ &Zeta; zeta
η &eta; Η &Eta; eta
θ &theta; Θ &Theta; theta
ι &iota; Ι &Iota; iota
κ &kappa; Κ &Kappa; kappa
λ &lambda; Λ &Lambda; lambda
μ &mu; Μ &Mu; mu
ν &nu; Ν &Nu; nu
ξ &xi; Ξ &Xi; xi
ο &omicron; Ο &Omicron; omicron
π &pi; Π &Pi; pi
ρ &rho; Ρ &Rho; rho
σ &sigma; Σ &Sigma; sigma
τ &tau; Τ &Tau; tau
υ &upsilon; Υ &Upsilon; upsilon
φ &phi; Φ &Phi; phi
χ &chi; Χ &Chi; chi
ψ &psi; Ψ &Psi; psi
ω &omega; Ω &Omega; omega


HTML Currency Code Table

Char Number Entity Comment
¤ &#164; &curren; generic currency symbol
$ &#36; $ dollar sign
¢ &#162; &cent; cent sign
£ &#163; &pound; pound sterling
¥ &#165; &yen; yen symbol
&#8355;   franc sign
&#8356;   lira symbol
&#8359;   peseta sign
&#128; &euro; euro symbol
&#x20B9;   rupee symbol
&#8361;   won sign
&#8372;   hryvnia sign
&#8367;   drachma sign
&#8366;   tugrik sign
&#8368;   german penny sign
&#8370;   guarani sign
&#8369;   peso sign
&#8371;   austral sign
&#8373;   cedi sign
&#8365;   kip sign
&#8362;   new sheqel sign
&#8363;   dong sign
Char Number Entity Comment
% &#37;   percent
&#137;   per million