Computer Repair & Services:
  1. Virus & other malware removal & prevention
  2. Remove pop-up ads and unsolicited junk email
  3. Diagnose and fix slow downs and system errors
  4. Upgrades (additional RAM memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, printer, digital camera, scanner, etc.)
  5. Wireless router set-up
  6. New computer set-up & transferring settings and programs from an old computer using Windows Easy Transfer
  7. Computer Maintenance
  8. Data Back-Up Solutions
  9. Diagnose misc. software or hardware problems


Tutoring Basics:

  1. Make your own CD’s or DVD’s of music, video or data back-up
  2. Customize and un-clutter your computer desktop
  3. Using a Scanner
  4. Using a Digital Camera
  5. Using an iPod or other digital music player
  6. E-Mailing pictures to friends and family
  7. Transferring files and getting the most from your home network
  8. Internet and E-Mail Security
  9. Keyboard shortcuts to common tasks
  10. Reducing SPAM with e-mail filters and address management