How you can see if the Google Review is a Paid review is by clicking on the user and see if that user posted two reviews are the same time but in different states.

See video below:


Here is an email I got about buying Google reviews:

New Google Reviews for Fix My Computer, Mark


Customers in your area look up for your services everyday on the internet. They decide on Mark's Locksmith majorly on the basis of its online visibility and customer reviews.

Our program generates consistent 5-star customer reviews for your business on Google and other review websites. Negative reviews are buried down and positive reviews are published across the internet. This program also improves your search ranking to make your business visible in local Google searches. You get guaranteed results and we publish a monthly progress report that indicates the number of 5-star reviews published for you in a month. We also assign a dedicated account manager to make sure that the program is a success for you.

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