The reason why I said that Google AdSense, Google (AdWord) Ads, Bing Ads, and Yelp Ads is a Rip Off is because someone like me with no PHP coding experience can make this script below by searching on Google. All you have to do is search Google, Bing,or Yelp and copy your competitors Ad links, paste them in a file, and use it to remove your competitors or lower their money in their Google Ad, Bing Ad, or Yelp Ad account. Who wins here? Google, Bing, Yelp and you! Each time someone clicks on Google, Bing, or Yelp Ads, Google, Bing, and Yelp makes money. The loser is your competitors who post Ads on Google, Bing or Yelp hoping to make money from their Ads. I'll show you how I did this and you can do the same thing to your competitors.

Besides that I earned over $4,000 from Google AdSense in July 2018 and Google did not paid me my earnings! When you do a search on Google and click on the Ad, Google makes ALL the money. When you put a Google Ad on your website and someone clicks on it you may or my not get any money why? Because Google wants ALL the money!

So STOP putting Ads on Google and Bing! 

Just one of my sites earned $1,233.39:

You can use this information below to lower or remove your competitors from Google or Bing search results.

I found this code below by searching the web using Google.

What you will also need is a few websites but if you just have the one website, its okay. I have many websites and they have been on the web for over five years now. Hackers from ALL over the world try to get into my websites so I thought I would block ALL the counties outside the US with the Joomla plugin "RS Firewall" and using the script below would redirect them (outside the US) to a random link in this file "NameOfFile.txt". You can download my pro version of RS Firewall below and use it as you wish. I am using it to redirect Google and Bing links when someone visits my websites that is outside the US.

Let's Get Started:

Download and install this plugin for Joomla 3.x: com_rsfirewall-v2-11-8


Open this file "default.php" and add the code below to the top of the file.

File located at:


======= Add this Code Below =============================

$fp=fopen('', 'r');
while (!feof($fp))
//process line however you like
//add to array
// Random shuffle
// First element is random now
$randomValue = $lines[0];
header("Location: $randomValue");


In the text file above "NameOfFile.txt" - Right Click on the Google or Bing Ad link and copy the link in this text file.

Now search Google or Bing for the business you want to remove. What I mean by "remove" is that each time someone clicks on a Google or Bing Ad it cost that business money. And when that business ad's money for the day is gone then your Ad will be above theirs, or if you don't run an ad, their ad will be removed for that day. 

If they have a Ad, just copy the link and paste it in your "NameOfFile.txt" file. One link per line.

Right Click and Select: Copy Link Address (Chrome, Google) or Copy Link Location (FireFox, Bing). If you don't see the Copy Link Address or Copy Link Location, just refresh the page.


Sample Below:



Your link might look something like this. Go ahead and click on it to see what it does:

It all depends on the Ad and what browser you are using.


Next goto: Components > RSFirewall! > Firewall Configuration
Download and update the files below (click here):
GeoIP Country Edition IPv4 (GeoIP.dat)
GeoIP Country Edition IPv6 (GeoIPv6.dat)


Now select ALL the counties you want to block!