Knowledge Base - Woollyinwales IT LTD owner of Jomres

Vincent (Vince) Normann Wooll (DOB: Aug 1968) of Woollyinwales IT LTD (Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR), owner of Jomres Online Booking System & Reservation Software, let's his online customers and Vince himself harass, and bully you on his forums. Vince himself, calls you names like, Fuck Mark!

 Vincent Wooll Blocked Me From His Website. Username: donnacha, (Donnacha Mac Gloinn), is harassing, and bullying me on his forum! What a jerk! See how Vince is. Don't buy Jomres!

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As far as my IP being blocked, it not a big deal. I'll just log on to a different WiFi and get a difference IP address.


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