Jomres Hacks

Here are some hacks for Jomres Online Booking System.

To install: Just use Jomres third party installer unless told otherwise.

This plugin scans Jomres system files and compares them with the original Jomres system files for corrupted, changed or hacked files.

To use this plugin. Go to Tools -> Check Filesystem Integrity

This feature allows you to check that the filesystem matches that supplied in the current version of Jomres. This is useful in ensuring that all files were updated correctly after installation/upgrade. Files in Red are missing, files in Orange exist but are different from those supplied in the current build. Only files that are potential problems will be listed here.

This Plugin will remove ALL Jomres Log files. To use this plugin. Go to Tools -> Delete Log Files.

Jomres Plugin Manager FREE!

Will work for ALL versions of Jomres.

Just download and copy over the files in the plugin manger directory.


This Plugin will remove ALL Jomres Syndicates Crap! After installing thru Jomres Third Party Installer, Go to Tools -> Remove Syndicates. If the Jomres App is down and you don't have a Jomres License you will not be able to edit your properties.

How to remove ALL Jomres Syndicates?

This plugin will remove these files and tables below:

Table has been removed: __jomres_syndication_distances
Table has been removed: __jomres_syndication_domains
Table has been removed: __jomres_syndication_properties
File has been removed: j06000cron_syndication_get_syndicate_domains.class.php
File has been removed: j00005register_site.class.php
File has been removed: j16000jomres_syndication_overview.class.php
File has been removed: j16000rest_api_connectivity_test.class.php
File has been removed: j07310watcher_authmethod_process_app_server.class.php
File has been removed: j00061y_syndicated_properties.class.php
File has been removed: j06000cron_syndication_check_syndicate_domains.class.php
File has been removed: j06000cron_syndication_check_syndicate_properties.class.php
File has been removed: j06000cron_syndication_get_syndicate_properties.class.php
File has been removed: j06000show_syndicated_properties.class.php
File has been removed: j00061a_poweredby.class.php
File has been removed: jomres_syndicate_guests.class.php
File has been removed: jomres_syndicate_properties.class.php

This plugin will Remove Jomres Big Red Warning message.

Just install thru Jomres Third Party installer.

Go to Tools -> Remove License Message