Knowledge Base - ChronoForums v2.x Hack - Validated Fix

Their website:

Also, this will remove the Powered by ChronoForums -


Here's now to fix the validation:

After you install this Joomla Extension from

Or you can download it here with the file fixed already:


Locate this file: url.php

You will find it here:



Goto line: 59

Change this:


To this:

$dURL .= 'localhost';


Goto line: 61

Change this:


To this:

$dURL .= 'localhost';


Save it and exit.


Under: Validate your installation

Domain name detected:


Validation key:

enter -> classic@1234567890 

Serial number (optional): 

enter -> classic@1234567890 

 Select: Validate

This will remove: Powered by ChronoForums -


That's All!


You can download it here also:

The file below just install and use classic@1234567890



You can just replace the time stamp in the database.

Just open phpMyAdmin and look for _chronoengine_extensions

Select Edit, Look in "settings" you will find this -> "validated":1609059240

Replace 1609059240 with the new time stamp you got from this Time Stamp Converter program (click here)



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