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Open "sys-controller.php"

Located here: /control/core/


Go to the bottom of file until you see this:


// Initialise..
$MSWLIC = new mswLic();
define('LIC_ENC_KEY', sha1(sha1(mswLic::mswSafe64Encode(LIC_ENC_SALT))) . sha1(mswLic::mswSafe64Encode(LIC_ENC_SALT)));

define('LICENCE_VER', $MSWLIC->mswCheckLicence() );


// Initialise..
$MSWLIC = new mswLic();
define('LICENCE_VER', 'unlocked' );



Now you can delete the "licence.lic" file, as it is no longer needed.


 To change the FOOTERS: 

In the Admin CP > Settings (top menu)  > Manage Settings > Other > Footers

Enter anything you like in the FOOTER boxes, then hit "Update". This will remove the copyrighted information.




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