Knowledge Base - Woollyinwales IT LTD owner of Jomres

Vincent (Vince) Normann Wooll (DOB: Aug 1968) of Woollyinwales IT LTD (Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR), owner of Jomres Online Booking System & Reservation Software, let's his online customers harass, and bully you on his forums. Vince himself, calls you names like, Fuck Mark!

 Vincent Wooll Blocked Me From His Website. Username: donnacha, (Donnacha Mac Gloinn), is harassing, and bullying me on his forum! What a jerk! See how Vince is. Don't buy Jomres!

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As far as my IP being blocked, it not a big deal. I'll just log on to a different WiFi and get a difference IP address.


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