Knowledge Base - How to remove "KJE Calculator License Not Found for: (website)" on my calculators

If you see these error messages on a development, test or QA server:
- Calculator Trial Period Ended For:
- KJE Calculator License Not Found for:

Try this: Open "KJE.js"
Search for this one: KJE.TrialReplace1=2
Or search for this one: KJE.kujaleip=Date.parse(new Date())>(1496054292381)
Replace with: KJE.kujaleip=0

Make Sure You Clear Your Browser's Cache Files



Before (From Website):


Before (Trial Version):

P=W-1;P>=0;P--){if(Q==M[P]){U.kujaleip=false}}KJE.kujaleip=Date.parse(new Date())>(1496054292381);U.CalculatorTitleShow=U.CalculatorTitle=(b.get("TITLE_TEMPLATE",





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Created : 2017-06-09 18:14:03, Last Modified : 2018-12-22 20:16:37