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Open "sys-controller.php"

Located here: /control/system/core/



Go to Line 392


// Initialise..
$MSWLIC = new mswLic();
define('LICENCE_VER', $MSWLIC->mswCheckLicence() );


// Initialise..
$MSWLIC = new mswLic();
define('LICENCE_VER', 'unlocked' );


Now you can delete the "licence.lic" file, as it is no longer needed.


 To change the FOOTERS: 

In the Admin CP > Settings (top menu)  > Manage Settings > Other > Footers

Enter anything you like in the FOOTER boxes, then hit "Update". This will remove the copyrighted information.


Now you will be able to add more Tracks and Collections.

Also, you will be able to change the FOOTER information.




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